10 Tips And Tricks On How to Beat Your Reading Slump, With Suggestions from the Bookish Community

1. Short Stories/Poetry

Read some short stories or even some poetry books that are short and quick to read. Find a genre that interests you and some short story authors/poets who accommodate to that genre. Collections of stories/poetry are more manageable read knowing they can be put down after a few pages and pick back up again knowing you can just go onto the next story/set of poems without having to remember anything from the last.

2. Childhood favourites

Why not reread a childhood favourite. Nothing beats sitting back and reliving the memories of your favourite childhood books like Harry Potter (probably not this anymore due to the author who shall not be named), or Narnia, where an adventure is always waiting around the corner. Sometimes these books are a comforting way to let yourself focus on something familiar.

3.Different Genre

Switch out your genres. Always reading Romance? Or adventure stories seeming to get repetitive the more you read? Why not try switching out for a different type of book that you would normally never pick up. You might surprise yourself with the switch in styles and find yourself appreciating and enjoying your new discovery.

4. Audiobooks!

Although some people find that they prefer to read the physical versions of the book, audiobooks are something great to put on in the background while you do housework, go on your daily travels, or even just when you’re sitting around at home. They may just be the perfect stepping stone to get you back into reading and there are some free versions of audiobooks on places such as Youtube and LibriVox, or you can sign up to sites such as Audible.


Here’s a playlist I made with some audiobooks (I will try to update when I can): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGDTTr_Ii1rkjjORoSNwGFUAaTnIZ5bUI

5. Comic Books!

Comic Books and Graphic Novels are also another great way to take you out of your reading slump according to the bookish community. With the benefit of amazing graphics and a wide selection to choose from, graphic novels

6. A Guilty Pleasure Read

Similar to the childhood favourite, do you have any other favourite books that you enjoyed and would read again? Why not pick it up and explore the world and character you’re already comfortable with! You may even learn some new details by rereading it.

7. Spending less time on the phone!

Many people claim to never have time to read and yet they spend hours of the day scrolling through #bookstagram and #booktwitter tags, looking at books when they can be reading them. I can admit myself that I’d be aimlessly scrolling on my phone, switching between twitter and Instagram, oogling at new reviews and bookish gossip rather than picking up a book on my shelf to read.

Why not seek to put half an hour aside each day and try to read a chapter or two of a book. You may be surprised and find that half an hour can feel too little by the time you finish or can even turn into more.

8. Join an online/local book club.

This is something I have recently done, joining a book club to help encourage me to get into reading some books that I know I would never read otherwise.

Sometimes all you need are people around you to help encourage and inspire you to read, and book clubs do just that. Go check your local library to see if there are any being advertised or if they know of any that you can join and if not, there are so many that can be found online through the bookish community!

9. Change your reading area.

Do you always tend to read in the same place? For me, I’m always huddled up in my bedroom, book in one had,mug of tea and hot chocolate in the other, but sometimes ever in this comforting setting I want to do anything but read.

Why not mix it up a bit and move outside of your reading nook; go to a cafe, library, or even out your back garden with a current read and welcome the change of scenery. And, if you want to, take a favourite drink and a snack with you and make it an even more enjoyable time.

10. Remind yourself that it’s okay to take a break.

Sometimes it is a case of your mind needing a break from reading. You may feel out of sorts when you see others read up to 100 books per year, but whether it’s 100 novels or none, books will always be around, in multiple forms for if you ever want to get back into it.

Especially in times when there is a blanket of doubt and worry, reading could be the last thing on your mind. But it’s nice knowing that even if you do decide to take a break, your books will still be there for when you want to get back to reading them.

Published by rachelohw

A bookworm and avid lover of reading and archery. Spends her time belting out musicals, mostly Starkid and Hamilton, and she also loves Disney, especially Stitch!

5 thoughts on “10 Tips And Tricks On How to Beat Your Reading Slump, With Suggestions from the Bookish Community

  1. Ive always said that I could never concentrate using an audiobook but decided to try them out when I realised I could get them on my local libraries app, they’re great! Still prefer reading but honestly I’m definitely going to be using Audio books more


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